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It’s Our People Who Make Us: Inspiring Dedication and Determination

By Avolve Software | February 13, 2024

On the very front lines of supporting Avolve’s mission are a team of charismatic, knowledgeable, and tenacious Associate Account Executives. Always the first to pick up the phone or find creative ways to connect with prospects, Sheril Smith considers herself to be one of the most determined members on the sales team.  

Sheril joined Avolve nearly two years ago, leaving behind an eight-year career at a small private company. The change offered her a new challenge, and Sheril was thrilled by the chance to work for a company with the potential to transform communities and government sectors. “I wanted to be the one speaking with jurisdictions, sharing what our software products can do for their community,” she said.  

In her role as an Associate AE, Sheril plays a pivotal part in Avolve's growth. She's responsible for cold calling and initiating contact with jurisdictions, paving the way for potential partnerships. She takes pride in identifying pain points, demonstrating how Avolve's solutions can alleviate them, and ultimately securing the initial meetings that may lead to transformative solutions for these jurisdictions.  

Sheril, who hails from Jamaica, said she also loves the opportunity to forge a real connection with the people on the other end of the phone. “Everybody's sharing their own piece of culture. It's a really nice way to start building that relationship with them,” she said.  

In addition to enjoying direct client contact, Avolve's culture is a key factor that has made Sheril's journey as an employee so rewarding. She emphasizes the camaraderie and support within the team, regardless of department or location. “It doesn't matter which department you're from or where you are in the company, there's always somebody that you can reach out to,” Sheril said.  

Sheril’s direct manager, Paul Gosselin, has been instrumental in her success in her role and his support has been invaluable. “It means a lot that Paul has such trust in me, and I always appreciate it when he sends me a Slack in the morning wishing me a great day and letting me know I can reach out to him with whatever I need,” Sheril said. 

She noted that despite the fact that the distributed team works remotely, management goes out of their way to create opportunities to connect and provide the chance for growth and development. Sheril has been especially fond of the quarterly book club for the sales team organized by Avolve’s Chief Revenue Officer Todd Jorgenson. “I've grown in a lot of positive ways in my own personal life and in my work life because of those books we’ve read,” she said. 

Across her tenure at Avolve, her ‘kudos’ moment [employee highlight from CEO Lance Clark] in September of 2023 remains a memorable highlight. “I remember sharing what Lance wrote with my own family, who were so proud,” she said. “When I think back on it, it motivates me even more. It gives me this drive and determination to keep giving it my all.”  

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