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It’s Our People Who Make Us: Driving Career Growth and Development

By Avolve Software | June 5, 2024

When Victor Garcia joined Avolve Software seven years ago as an installation engineer contractor, he’d never worked in GovTech before. While his background in the banking and retail industries brought a unique perspective to Avolve, his first foray into GovTech was a welcomed shift, and Victor was thrilled at the opportunity to provide more community-centric services.  

“Going from the private sector to working in GovTech is one of the best things I’ve experienced professionally,” Victor said.  

With time, Victor’s responsibilities evolved from installations for ProjectDox to managing the installations calendar, to eventually overseeing a small team of engineers in his position today as Installation Support Team Leader. When Victor’s long-time manager and mentor left the company and tapped Victor as his replacement, the prospect of a transition to management was initially daunting. But mentorship from some key members on the support and installations team and support from colleagues bolstered his confidence.  

“My former manager was very confident in my skills. And then I realized that it was not only him, my other team members and the executive team felt the same,” said Victor. “That gave me a lot of confidence.” 

When it comes to feeling satisfied with work, Victor loves nothing more than to see project implementations go live. “When the end users and the customers start to use our solution, and we’re able to improve processes for them — that's what motivates me to continue every day,” he said.  

On top of the supportive culture of growth and development, Victor also speaks highly of the cross-functional collaboration that’s ingrained in Avolve's culture. “There are people that I haven't worked with yet, but I'm confident I can send them a Slack message and introduce myself, and they will respond in the same way,” Victor said.  

“Whether I need something from the implementation team or from the sales team, I know they’ll be there to assist me because that’s part of how we work at Avolve,” he said.  

Key to Victor's journey with Avolve is the company’s supportive culture, which fosters open communication and encourages feedback. Victor said this environment has empowered him to feel more confident voicing opinions, contributing ideas, and has allowed him to ultimately thrive in his role. 

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