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ePlan Empowers Remote Work and Transforms Government Efficiency

By Avolve Software | May 29, 2024

By digitizing and streamlining traditional paper-based permitting processes, electronic plan (ePlan) review not only enhances efficiency but also empowers remote work — a work arrangement that’s proven necessary for employee retention and operational efficiency, especially in the years since the pandemic.  

Traditionally, government agencies involved in the permitting process relied heavily on paper-based documentation. This meant staff were required on-site to handle plan submissions, reviews, and approvals. Applicants also had to submit plans and corrections in-person, which meant developers had to take valuable time away from the job site, while homeowners were forced to take time off or go into work late.  

Additionally, applicants and agencies with paper-based processes incurred substantial costs associated with printing, transportation, and storage of paper documents.  

The Advent of ePlan Review: A New Era of Efficiency

With the advent of ePlan review, agencies gained the ability to review and approve plans from afar. By digitizing plans and documentation, ePlan review software, like Avolve, allows employees to access, review, and collaborate on projects from anywhere with an internet connection.  

“With Avolve’s solutions jurisdictions can streamline that formerly laborious process. Modern-day ePlan makes it easy not only to look at plans on your computer and mark them up, but allow you to do so from anywhere,” said John Enfield, Solution Consultant for Avolve Software. 

Now, government workers can perform their duties from the comfort of their homes, coffee shops, or even while traveling for work. This newfound flexibility enhances work-life balance, improves productivity, and boosts job satisfaction. 

Furthermore, ePlan provides robust collaboration tools that allow team members to work together seamlessly, regardless of their physical location. With features like real-time commenting and revision tracking, employees can communicate and collaborate effectively, ensuring projects move forward smoothly. This transparency and communication foster a collaborative work environment, even in remote settings, and promote better decision-making and problem-solving. 

Ensuring Security in Remote Work Environments

Yet key to enabling remote work through ePLan review is security. Governments handle highly sensitive data, including private citizen data, and need assurances that the information contained in their solutions is secure.  

“Without having secure solutions, remote work would never be feasible,” said Enfield. “In fact, we often get questionnaires from cities and counties about the security of our product to even be considered as a solution for them.” 

Avolve’s ProjectDox and DigEplan are built on secure cloud-based platforms. From encryption protocols to access controls, Avolve implements stringent security measures to safeguard confidential information that ensures data remains secure and protected — even when accessed remotely. 

Moreover, ePlan seamlessly integrates with other systems and processes used by government agencies, further enhancing efficiency and enabling remote work. Whether integrating with your permitting system, be it Accela, Cityworks, Clariti, Cloudpermit,  Infor, Municity, OpenGov or Tyler, or interoperating with existing IT infrastructure, Avolve's ePlan review provides a cohesive solution that fits seamlessly into the workflow of government organizations. 

ePlan has emerged as a game-changer for government agencies seeking to modernize operations and embrace remote work. By digitizing permitting processes, enhancing collaboration, ensuring security, and integrating with existing systems, ePlan empowers government employees to work efficiently from anywhere. As we navigate the evolving landscape of work, ePlan stands as a beacon of innovation, driving efficiency, flexibility, and success in the public sector. 


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