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DigEplan: Collaborative ePlan Review Tool to Enhance Permit Workflows

By Avolve Software | May 29, 2024

Expedite your plan review processes with DigEplan.

DigEplan fully integrates to the permitting system, creating a seamless and efficient workflow for building officials and government planners to review plans. 

DigEplan pulls from and saves back to your government permitting platform, which means all permit documentation versions, edits, and comments are saved in one location. And, because DigEplan is in the cloud, multiple people can work on a plan review at the same time – expediting the review and approval process. 

What are the key functionalities of DigEplan? 

Compare and Overlay  

The compare and overlay function allows the plan reviewer to take two permit versions and compare them. The result is a third version with key variances documented and highlighted, this enables reviewers to instantly see what has been added, removed or adjusted in the resubmitted plans. 

This means accidental or intentional changes beyond what were requested, can easily be identified. 

Corrections Management 

With DigEplan, once a document review has been completed, a correction report can be extracted that includes: markups, number of comments, details of comments, author, and department of comments.  

This enables the applicant to have one single record to ensure all comments can tracked through multiple review cycles and addressed. 

Real-time Collaboration 

Within the plan review, reviewers may view markups documented by other users, ensuring they are always looking at the latest version. If multiple users are accessing DigEplan, comments are accessible even while they are being made. Differences are color coded by department and even customized for color blind users. These comments can be marked closed or pushed forward into the next cycle.  

Using a fully integrated planning tool, reviewers can simultaneously review planning applications without any downloads, add their digital comments and redlines at the same time. 

Standard Comment  

Standard comments are a great way to communicate with your applicant, ensuring the consistent use of comments, as well as saving your plan reviewers time on repetitive comments. The standard comment feature is a call-out tool text box with arrow line. You can replace the standard comment at any time, change the text or the position of the arrow.  

In addition to the standard comment tool, we offer sticky note and free text tools. All information stored in these tools are accessible via one report, which can be filtered by department using dynamic search features. 

Intelligent Stamping 

When you’re ready to approve the current version of the plan set, it can be done by batch stamping. The prepared documents are collected into a batch that can include the most recently edited plan or multiple renditions of plans. DigEplan will then batch stamp the identified documents. 

The approved plan will include a jurisdiction custom stamp and cover sheet. Stamps are dynamic and can include the date, user info and other meta data.  

The functionalities of DigEplan helps jurisdictions to optimize permit turnaround times, optimizing the review and approval. With the ability for everyone to access the same file, manual work just got, well, less manual! 

Book a call back to see DigEplan for yourself. 

Interested in creating efficiency for your plan review processes?

Avolve Software's suite of plan review and management solutions enable your jurisdiction to reduce time to permit.

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