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Partner-Centric Success: We Couldn’t Do It Without Our Partners

By Avolve Software | January 3, 2024

There has been a significant evolution in the way government agencies approach permitting and plan review processes over the past decade. Since these processes were previously handled on paper, jurisdictions weren’t aware of the need for integration between plan review and permitting solutions when they began the process of digital transformation in the mid-aughts. 

Rather than selecting two fully integrated products, municipalities sought out a permitting solution then opted for an ad-hoc plan review solution, often using a basic PDF reader or construction build software. This resulted in a cumbersome process, disjointed workflows, and plenty of frustration. About five years ago, market awareness and the demand for tightly integrated solutions started to gain traction. 

Responding to this shift and new demand, ProjectDox and DigEplan were among the first solutions to be ready-built for integration and quickly emerged as partner-centric solutions in order to deliver the best possible customer experience.  

“The merit of our technology allows for integrations to be built quickly. We are able to nimbly stand-up integrations for DigEplan and ProjectDox, as the foundation of the software allows us to quickly build integrations and get it to market,” said Derek Porter, Chief Growth Officer of Avolve. 

But it’s not just Avolve’s technical expertise that has helped us thrive as a partner-centric organization. “Our tech is built around integration, but so are our people. We do well with cultivating relationships that have resulted in two companies going to market together,” said Derek. “We try to approach partnerships at a very holistic level,” he added. 

While developer teams across Avolve and its partners certainly work closely, so do sales, marketing, and leadership teams. Derek said this is all about creating a seamless experience for the customer. “At the end of the day, you could have the greatest integration in the world with a ‘partner,’ but you need to be sure that when your customer has a support ticket and they don’t know who to call, both firms are in sync to deliver the best possible customer service.”  

Beyond the government platform partnerships that Avolve cultivates, it also engages in service partnerships with solution providers. Avolve is proactive in identifying the best partners for each permitting system to provide optimal value to customers, resulting in service providers who become experts in both solutions. “This approach ensures that customers receive comprehensive support and expertise during implementations and after we go live,” Derek said.  

At the end of the day, Avolve is partner-centric because we’re customer-centric. “We think of partnerships from a technical standpoint, from a people standpoint, and from a company-wide standpoint,” Derek said. The ultimate goal is to create a positive customer experience, not just during implementation but also across the customer lifecycle. Ensuring that customers have a seamless user experience, streamlined workflows between solutions, and synchronized support to best serve the needs of their community is Avolve’s top priority. Partnering closely with an array of permitting systems and solutions providers allows us to best meet the needs of our customers.  

Find out more about Avolve’s partners here.

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