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Avolve and Woolpert's Collaborative Success

By Avolve Software | July 16, 2024

At Avolve, we understand that we’re stronger together. We leverage the power of collaboration to bring more effective products and service delivery to the communities we work with. One of our key partnerships that exemplifies this is with Woolpert.

Woolpert is an industry leader in the realm of architecture, engineering, geospatial, and strategic consulting services. Founded in 1911, Woolpert has over 60 office locations and more than 2,000 employees, making it a true powerhouse in the industry. As a solution provider in Avolve's partner ecosystem, Woolpert specializes in implementing our solutions ProjectDox and DigEplan, bringing unparalleled expertise and insight to the table.  

The Power of Woolpert's Expertise  

At the heart of our partnership lies Woolpert's deep understanding of the industry. They serve as trusted advisors to client jurisdictions, leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of the market.   

“Woolpert has extensive knowledge and expertise, and they have deep insight to our customers’ vision,” said Derek Porter, Chief Growth Officer of Avolve. “Because of their experiences, they know the things that have historically gone wrong, know the personalities, and can pre-empt the challenges,” he added.  

As a Trimble Unity partner, Woolpert plays a pivotal role in the asset management sector, implementing enterprise-level software solutions and offering strategic consulting services. Their extensive reach and industry insights in everything from federal to private development allow them to bring a comprehensive and deeply knowledgeable approach to solution implementation.  

Collaboration and Integration in the Woolpert and Avolve Partnership  

The success of our partnership with Woolpert lies in our collaborative efforts across departments. From sales engagement to implementation and partnerships, we work hand in hand to deliver value to our clients. “They work with all levels of our organization, regularly meeting with and engaging with teams across sales, implementation, innovation, partner management and beyond,” Porter said.   

We also work alongside Woolpert to glean industry insights to ensure the best electronic plan review products for our customers. Porter said: “They also help us understand new verticals, or new industries we should be looking at that our products can help with.”  

Mutual Partnership with Trimble Unity 

A significant aspect of our collaboration with Woolpert is our mutual partnership with Trimble Unity. As a key player in government asset management and permitting, Trimble Unity complements Avolve's offerings, creating a tightly integrated ePlan-permitting system that benefits our customers and their citizens. Together, we empower organizations with comprehensive solutions that streamline processes, drive efficiency, improve the customer experience, and enhance resource allocation in jurisdictions.   

“Our partnership with Woolpert is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. With Woolpert's expertise and industry insights, we are poised to drive growth for our clients and ensure continuous improvement,” said Porter.   

Our holistic approach to partnering ensures seamless integration and mutual benefit, driving success for the communities that we work with at every step of the journey.   

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